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About Illumicirque

Illumicirque is a collective of performers encompassing a wide variety of skills with a professional level of detail. It is our mission to push our audience beyond the everyday into a realm where dreams are dreamt and possibilites are endless...

Established in 2010 by Will and Heidi Bassignani, Illumicirque continues to grow and evolve. Our mission is to bring sense of wonder and magic to the world, to remind people that our abilities to imagine and create are immensely more powerful than most of us believe, that people of all ages should continue to play, and that we, consciously or unconsciously collectively create our world every day. What kind of world do you wish to live in? Let's fill it with JOY!

Illumicirque is the Grand Prize winner of the Colorado You Got Talent state finals of 2013.

Some of our capabilities:

Fire performance and fire dance
Fire eating and fleshing
Belly dance
Circus Style Ballet
Specialized costuming and masks
And more!

We also work together with performers, musicians and troupes from around the world. To check out our home crew, click here!

Imagine the possibilities

"Thank you guys again for showing up with such great talent for us ~ The Mutaytor hearts Illumicirque!" ~Suzanne, Cirque Berzerk

Illumicirque * Postmodern Apocalyptic Circus of the Strangest of Sorts * Fire and Circus Performance Arts * Grand Junction, Colorado
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