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Power, passion, energy, fury. Will first came to fire after watching a performance ritual in 2006. He found a strong desire to embrace the fiery arts, and excelled quickly. His approach to fire dance comes from a love of driving bass and powerful movement. Will works with double staff, double fire sword, stilts, poi, rope dart and snakes. Together with Heidi Marie, Will founded Illumicirque in 2010.

Heidi Marie

Heidi's grace and stage presence bring an enchantment to her performance and create a beautiful elemental expression. She is proficient in fire poi, double staff, fans, fire eating and fleshing and also works with fire fingers, palm torches, hoop and fireflies. Heidi's neverending enthusiasm and playfulness reminds us all to never stop embracing our inner child!

TashNatasha Krasnow

Natasha holds a BA in Theatre Arts: Dance and revels in fusing her formal dance education with circus arts. She has extensive training in many dance forms from across world cultures including, but not limited to, Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Modern, Hip Hop, Middle Eastern, Flamenco, Hula, Tahitian, Bharatanatyam, Bollywood, African, Balkan, and Persian. Natasha is recognized across the country as a performer, choreographer, and teacher and gives spellbinding performances full of character, energy, and grace.


Jaik's character and presence bring humor, angst and emotion to the show. Fire eating and fleshing, staff and stilting are his favorite toys.

Our Imaginarium Crew:

MikalaHolly and SchuylerTaelourNathanMelindaAmanAmyDaveAprylAndreaLailaAydenMary Hockenbery

We collaborate with many performance artists, bands and djs. Here are some of our crew and others we've performed and collaborated with:

March Fourth Marching Band, Firefly Entertainment with DJ Watchman, A-One-Man Circus, Mary Hockenbery, Lunar Fire, Mutaytor, Sol Weavers, and MORE!

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